What Slow My Computer Down – Two Things I Once Neglected

What the heck slow my computer down! This question I suppose has been popping up in your mind hundreds of times. Slow running speed is a complete disaster to my computer, I can neither use it to work nor in entertainment. So I have been gathering information about causes that slow down my computer. Here I want to share two of them which are easily neglected as causes that slow down the speed of my computer.

1 Too much dust

Dust slowly accumulated, over time it became the reason why my computer was sluggish. I had slowly gone through a lot to get this conclusion that dust rendered my sluggish computer. For example I had tried to reinstall Windows system, scan for virus, clean out temporary files, ect. None of them worked. What I am trying to tell you is that when a computer is running slow, follow my experience, dust off computer hardware, that was how I got my slow computer back to normal again!

2 Problematic hard drive data cable

As hard to believe as it was, an inconspicuous part of a computer slowed down my brand-new computer. I found a job in another city, due to this I had to buy a new computer. But unfortunately it was not a happy experience either. Slow running speed, in my opinion, should not occur in a new computer despite the fact it did. I sent it back, two days later, my slow-down computer was fixed only by replacing the hard drive data cable.

Dust and hard drive data cable were the causes that once slowed down my computer, it is mainly all what I want to share with you today, but is there any other thing that would slow down my precious computer we should be aware of?

Yes, the fragile but extremely important registry, Windows is a visualization operating system, it is easy to use, but registry part is not, it means every change made to registry is very risky, and possibly leads to system destruction! However, on the other hand if we ignore the registry, consequences will be crappy slow computer performance and continual system errors. So it is recommended to use a professional registry cleaner to automatically maintain the registry for you to keep your computer performance at its optimal state.

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