Redefining Search Engine Optimization – Prefer Pay For Performance SEO Over SEO Packages

There are a lot of business owners who opt for search engine optimization in hope to benefit through this online marketing channel. Most of them sign up with companies offering them fixed SEO packages which is great however it is probably the biggest mistake they are making.

Research has shown that in most SEO campaigns you are overpaying because at least for the first few months there is hardly any traffic. Then once you start receiving traffic its like drops of water. Its only after a period of 6-8 months that you start receiving substantial traffic. But soon you find out that the traffic is more of auto bots and junk which is useless. Assuming that you are on a USD 500 per month campaign which seems to be a basic one offered, you have already wasted USD 4000 to generate around 10-15 odd sales. Is it worth it?

It is high time you rose above the SEO packages that are supposed to be created as link building campaigns and not concentrated on results. On the contrary how would you feel if you were offered an option where you would only have to pay for performance.

Yes, pay for performance SEO is the next thing in the online marketing world. There are various parameters on which this can be decided but that will at least give you the satisfaction that you are paying only for the work done. If the SEO company can deliver 100 people to your site great, it means that you can at least expect some leads which you can be satisfied to pay for. In order to avoid frauds you can always have a Google analytics set up.

The various valid pay per performance SEO parameters can be as follows:

1. You can opt to pay for rise in SE rankings. Your provider can give you benchmarks and project goals and as and when the ranks are achieved you can pay the pre-decided amount, this might not be possible for all keywords as some of them are just too competitive. You cannot expect the provider to wait for a year before you finally pay them.

2. You can decide to opt for pay for performance SEO for traffic. In this arrangement you can assign a payment for the amount of visits to your site. Also assume that there will be around 10% visits that will be more or less junk and the rest can be taken into account. You can calculate an amount and pay accordingly.

3. Alexa rank or the number of links can be other parameters as well.

Now, the issue that most SEO providers face here is the non payment by clients after the month is over hence there can be minimal deposits that you would have to pay but that is still better than what you might end up with a SEO package deal. Also since white hat SEO cannot generate results in the first month there can be a minimal set up fee of something like USD 100-150 that a provider might charge. This means that including a deposit you can expect an expense of around USD 400 for the first month but after that you are absolutely safe.

Also all professional companies want to maintain their reputation so you can be sure that your deposit will be safe as well.

Pardhi Media Marketing is an online marketing company that now offers pay for performance SEO as well. You can always ask for a free SEO quote or opt for a free month of SEO consultancy.