SEO Website Online Marketing

Most internet users are somehow aware that every time that they enter a keyword search term in to Google, Yahoo or MSN, there are millions of competing websites that are trying to rank for that particular word. It is important that you do everything in your power to ensure that your website ranks highly at least in the top 20 results or first two pages.

It is interesting to note that research has found that users intuitively know that pages that are far down the search results lack relevance. Typically users will not go past the second search page.

Because SEO is based on the rules of search engine principles the user journey is very important. Website owners are relying more and more on their website to generate them traffic and sales. It is important to ensure that you apply correct SEO practices, or alternatively use an online marketing firm that specializes in SEO.

Many SEO companies apply different SEO strategies, or tactics. Most commonly there is onsite SEO and off site SEO.

The biggest difference being:

OFF SITE SEO is sometimes called the other side of SEO as it uses link building. Link building means that the SEO strategist looks at means and ways to get as many links coming back to his website. Thsu search engines assess how relevant the site is relative to the number of links coming back to that site. It is almost like an online popularity contest. Like a human popularity contest, more popular or important people have more pull then younger, less popular people. The same is true in the online marketing environment. Your link quality plays an important role. If a website that is highly ranked is linking to you, it is better, then a new, low ranking site linking to you.

A website and business owner should realize the importance of online marketing and SEO and should be very careful when deciding which SEO practitioner to use. A good SEO company should be ranked highly on search engine pages, or have a proven track record. If your website is important to you, get references who have previously used the company phone them to find out the performance to date.

Remember, invest in your online marketing strategy, make sure that you get reputable companies to do your work and ensure that you only use acceptable SEO practices.

Percy Lawrence is a Search Engine Optimization expert based in South Africa.