My Computer Is Rebooting Over and Over, How Do I Fix It?

Computer rebooting is a common issue reported by Windows users. This problem occurs when there is problem with operating system or hardware of the machine you are using. There can be many causes behind this problem. Most common causes behind a computer that reboots over and over again are:

1. Virus infection.2. Improper RAM or any other faulty hardware.3. Corrupted system registry.4. Bad sectors on hard drive.

Here are outlined few steps to help you fix the problem if your computer is rebooting over and over:

> A hidden virus may be root cause behind such a problem. This happens especially on those computers where installed antivirus programs are weak. There are different types of viruses, some of them add links in the startup and whenever you use your computer, they do not allow you to take any action on the computer.

If this is your problem then try rebooting your computer in safe mode (pressing F8 when computer starts) and download a reliable antivirus on your computer. Uninstall previous version of security program through control panel and install the one you recently downloaded.

Scan your system for possible virus infection and fix it. Restart Windows in normal mode.

> Improper installation of RAM could also be the reason behind this computer rebooting issue.

To fix this problem, shut down your computer and open the CPU box. Place RAM in proper slot and restart your computer.

In some cases low RAM can also create problem especially when you are playing video games and other heavy programs. In this situation it is recommended that you add more RAM to your computer.

? One of the biggest problems behind computer rebooting after certain period of time is its registry. Registry is database where operating system stores highly sensitive information in form of keys know as registry entries. Improper modification in registry database may result in computer rebooting at its own, computer crashes, computer freezes and other errors..

To fix this issue, use reliable registry cleaner software to fix registry related problems.

? There may be bad sectors on your hard disk causing your computer to reboot over and over. In this situation restart your computer in safe mode and take following actions.

1. Double-click on My Computer.2. Right-click on the drive where operating system is installed.3. Click on Tools and Select Check Now.4. Follow the instructions.5. Repeat step 2, 3 and 4 for other drives as well.6. You are done.

To Fix COMPUTER REBOOTING PROBLEM, you need to use a registry cleaner and PC optimizer software. Get the best system/registry cleaner Intel Partner software RegInOut to instantly solve the problem.