How Do You Make Computer Faster – Here Is a Way to Fix Your Slow Computer

Most computers slow down after some time. Adds pop up while browsing, different windows appear with an error message and programs take too much time to load. These symptoms are a sure signal that you need to tweak your computer for best performance and increasing productivity. The question arises how do you make computer faster when your system is having the same problems.

This article will guide you about the best way to speed up your computer. Trying these steps would surely help you fix your slow computer problem.

? First thing to do is start defragmenting your system. Follow these simple steps to finish this task.

a. Click on Startb. Go to Programs.c. Move to Accessories.d. System Tools.e. Disk defragmenter.

Remove all unnecessary files before de-fragmenting your computer. This process will take some time.

? Add more RAM to your computer; this is another way to speed up programs and make your computer faster in performance.

? Clear Internet cache and all other temporary files.

a. Click on Start button.b. Go to Run.c. Type “%temp%” without quotes.d. Press Ctrl A to select all files.e. Press Del from keyboard.f. Done.

? If you have antivirus program installed on your computer then run it to remove viruses. Antivirus programs also help you remove unnecessary Adds-on.

? Optimize your system using some good PC optimizer tool.

? Another thing to speed up your computer is to run MSCONFIG utility. To do this, follow these steps.

a. Click on Start.b. Run.c. Type “msconfig” without quotes and press OK.d. Also remove programs using Control Panel.

? Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk cleanup.

You may not be able to perform above steps regularly on your computer. Another aspect of computer that makes system run really slow is when there is problem with registry of the computer. Registry is database where operating system stores all hardware and software configurations. Overtime its registry gets cluttered. To make computer faster, you also need to take care of this portion of operating system.

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