Computer Security Is A Crucial Issue And A Computer Security Cable A Crucial Peripheral

As laptop computer use has become more widespread and the number of them in use has increased exponentially, so has the opportunity for thieves. Computer security has become a central issue for laptop owners, which was not so important just a few years ago. The skill of computer thieves has also increased over this time to thwart many of the securities measures that have been devised. One has to understand that you computer is much more valuable that the cost of the machine itself, the information contained has incalculable value.

Computer security involves two different issues. The first is safeguarding the computer itself t o make sure it is not stolen. Surprisingly almost fifty percent of the computers stolen is the place that you would think is the safest, the office. The second issue is safeguarding the information in the computer when you are using the Internet, so that it does not fall into unintended hands.

The first issue of computer safety is one of responsibility. Always knowing were you computer is and keeping an eye on it. This involves not laying in floor or other places when you are in congested public places. Being vigilant an not getting distracted were your personal belongings are applies to your computer and any other items. Another measure is camouflaging the fact that your are carrying a computer by carrying it in a non-computer bag such as a carry on suitcase or similar bag. You can also use a security device such as a computer security cable when you leave you computer unattended in your office or other places such as hotel. A computer security cable attached the computer o a heavy piece of furniture such as a computer desk or conference table. The cable uses a key lock or combination lock to secure the cable. For those that think this is extreme, I repeat the majority of computers are stolen in the office.

The second involves safeguarding your data while using the Internet. This involves using an up to date anti-virus program to thwart malicious programs. Other measures include making sure you firewall is functioning, making sure your operating system is current and up to date, being careful of public computers you use and the information you input there, check to make public Wi-Fi connections are public and is not just another computer acting as a gateway, so you pass your details to them such a credit card and address, and not letting anyone one use a flash drive on your computer. These are just some of the precautions you should take.

It may seem like a big responsibility and that will take effort on your part. Both are true, but remember that computer basically carry the most information in our lives and taking the precautionary to safeguard this information is vital. The consequences for not doing so could be much more costly than the computer itself.

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