How Organic SEO Ensures Success for Online Business

An online business only prospers when it achieves a high-ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), specifically on the first page or Top 10 Google results. This process or technique of obtaining a high rank is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Currently, many businesses pay Google for PPC Ads so that they get some business when users click on the Ads and visit the site. However, the question is that why pay for PPC Ads if the search engines can and do display websites for free in the SERPs for a relevant search term that users search for. Businesses that do not rank for relevant keywords/Search terms in Google Top 10/20 are usually the ones that opt for PPC. But this leads to paying for every click on the Ads even if the Ad clicker does not buy anything after visiting the site. This is where Organic SEO can and does help by ranking websites in Top 10 of Search results for keywords/Search terms.

Organic itself means natural and so Organic SEO aims at making your site display naturally (unpaid) on the SERPs. This service is not free of course and a business does have to pay for the SEO. But it is not a Pay per Click (PPC) kind of payment, where the business has to pay whether they get sales or not. As compared to PPC, such SEO services are available as a monthly package or as Pay for ranking service. Such an approach is a direct step towards success for the commercial sites where thousands of products are on sale and the business cannot advertise or pay for PPC for each product.

Organic SEO ensures that all pages are indexed and improves the overall ranking for relevant keywords/Search terms. It is a technique to optimize your site in such a way that your potential clients can find your site and products, thus boosting traffic, sales, profits, and online reputation. The service makes this possible by focusing on the content and keyword research, back link growth, optimization, and analytics.

Organic SEO first concentrates on researching the most used and relevant keywords for your products and services. This is a critical starting step based on which your content and site will gain popularity. Once you agree with these set of keywords, the next step is to generate/modify content and Meta tags. Such content will include the keywords a few times so that the search engine can easily match them with the search phrases. Next, to increase the popularity in the search engines, Organic SEO aims at creating and maintaining social bookmarks, blogs, RSS feeds, articles, and back links.

Broadly, it ensures both on-page and off-page optimization that aims at improving the list of keywords, site map, Meta tags, link building, blogs, back links, and content. All these services or strategies also need to be analyzed for effectiveness and analytical tools play a vital role in indicating the daily traffic and rankings. Research, Optimization, and Analytics indicates that Organic SEO is an ongoing process whose implementation is unreliable without a true SEO service provider who will ensure long-lasting search results, and thus economical and financially viable online business.

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