Top 5 Ways You Can Increase Your Computer Speed – Simple Solutions To Complex Issues

A slow computer is often a sign that it may be low on free disk space. This is often due to music, games pictures and other types of files that PC users add over time which begin to use up the computers resources and eventually causes the computer to function more slowly. Spyware and other types of malware can also slow down the performance of ones computer. A virus infection is another common cause of slow computer performance. Computers should be be scanned regularly for these types of threats. Here are some more ideas on how to fix a slow computer.

Registry Repair

A registry repair can speed up a slow PC. Cleaning and repairing the registry involves removing unwanted shortcuts, entries and other junk files. Some registry repair programs have been known to increase computer speed by over 50%. This is a remarkable improvement in overall computer speed.

Unused Programs

Many computers have unused programs stored on them which take up valuable space on the hard drive making the computer run slow. Removing unused programs is a great way to free up memory and increase speed. Removing unused programs takes little time. This can be done using the Add or Remove Programs option on the Control Panel.

Disk Cleanup

Using the disk clean up tool is likely to give a slow PC a performance boost. During a disk clean up, temporary and unnecessary files are removed from the computer. Temporary internet files can improve network performance but they often take up large amounts of unwanted space on a computers hard drive. A disk clean up frees up space which allows the computer to operate faster. Using the disk clean up tool helps insure that no space is wasted.

File Fragmentation

Fragmentation can affect all computer files. A fragmented disk has files which are not organized and are scattered around a disk. This occurs naturally as a result of normal computer usage when we create, delete and modify files. The disk defragmenter tool was designed to solve this problem and improve computer performance.

System Restore

If all other efforts to fix your slow computer do not help, a system restore can be used to return a computer to its original factory condition.

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