4 Must Use Free SEO Strategies For Traffic Building – Part 1

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a primary need for every webmasters, bloggers and online business owners. Most of online business owners like to out source their SEO campaign but individual bloggers and webmasters have been always finding the best SEO strategies for traffic building.

Internet is full of information, but the information is mixture of True, False, working and not working techniques. It depends on you, what information you use and what not. It always takes time to try and research all the information and SEO strategies we found online, many of them can just eat your valuable time. Hence I am here to explain few top performing and must used SEO strategies to improve your website traffic at the rocket speed.

The most common traffic building SEO strategies being used amongst the top bloggers and webmasters are:

Article Marketing and Ezine Publishing.Email newsletter and List Building.Forum Posting and Blog Commenting.Social Networking and Social Book marking.

The main reasons of popularity of these 4 SEO strategies amongst most webmasters and bloggers are:

These are free techniques.These are proven to be useful for both traffic building and Link building.These are white hat SEO techniques and hence there are fewer chances to be penalized by search engines if done in the right way.And of course there are no doubts regarding results you get for following above four SEO strategies to build more traffic and backlinks as every successful blogger and webmaster are using these.

What if you do not have time for all these SEO strategies? Should you outsource the work?

Outsourcing the SEO campaign may some time hurt your overall online presence if given in wrong hands. Because SEO is the thing that must be done in right way and any single mistake can harm your over all SEO work. If you really need to out source, either you must choose the top SEO Company which may be costlier or you may simple hire a worker who do not have enough SEO knowledge but can work according to your instruction. This way you can reduce both risk and the cost.

For example, if you understand well what article marketing is and how to do this, the only time consuming job will be to submit your article to all individual article directory on daily basis. You can simply instruct your worker about how to submit article and to which directories. Here the content is yours, keyword is yours and the quality is yours.

I will explain each of the above free traffic and link building strategies in the next parts of this articles. Keep reading, keep learning.

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