Restore Your Computer Speed and Performance Permanently! No More Formatting and No More Upgrades!

In this article I will show you how can you regain the speed and performance of you PC and make it run just like how it was running when you first bought it! I will show you how you can do this without formatting and without buying any sort of hardware upgrades!

Computer slowdowns affects millions around the world, it is estimated that seventy four percent of world computers suffers from this most common problem: PC slowdown.

Most people tackle this problem by:

1 – Formatting hard drive – meaning deleting every single data stored on their machines, by simply formatting your computer you will increase and somehow restore you PC speed but by doing this you will lose everything that stored on your machine! And not to mention how time consuming and expensive this process is. You will need to buy CDs/DVDs or even external hard drives to backup your current data and then delete/format your current PC hard drive and then restore your backup date. All of these take awful amount of time and money, especially when you have a large amount of data stored on your PC.

2- Upgrading components – some people tackle computer slow down problem by spending large amount of cash over hardware upgrades. They tend to buy bigger and faster processors, memory RAMs, hard disks, etc. Sometimes these upgrades (over time) tend to get more expensive than buying a brand new computer!

I will show you how you can regain your computer speed and performance and make it run just like it was running from first bought it without formatting and without upgrading! By the end of this article you will be able to save hundreds perhaps thousands of dollars over the life circle of your current computer!

Most people do not know this! And this is why they spend so much money and time in maintaining their beloved computers. I am about to reveal the ultimate secret of computer slowdowns and answer the ultimate question in how to regain the PC speed and performance without formatting and without upgrading!

The secret it System Registry! The system registry is computer database that stores every single data manipulation caused by the user. This means every time you start your computer and install a new software, or download a file from the internet, play music, browse the web, create a new word document or any other task you do on daily basis is being tracked and recorded over the system registry.

This means over the life cycle of your computer (before formatting), the system registry is being expanded and this expansion of registry file size causes the computer slowdown!

This means no matter how much you will spend on hardware upgrades you will never get satisfied from the speed, simply because the system registry is being expanding and over time the money spent over upgrades will provide zero results.

Formatting your computer will also format the system registry and this is why you will see a boost of the speed, not because you removed every single user stored data but because the system data was removed. After all, you will always restore the backup data and still see your computer running right?

So what is the ultimate solution to speed up computer speed and performance permanently?

The answer is simple: registry cleanup! Instead of formatting your computer, format the system registry! It only takes few minutes and saves you thousands of dollars over hardware upgrades!

By cleaning your system registry you will instantly boost your computer speed and performance! And just imaging how much money and time you will save over the life cycle of your computer? Thousands!

So how can I Clean my System Registry? Simply download this registry cleaner software for FREE from this website: and restore your computer speed and performance today! Run your computer just like it was when you first bought it permanently! Save thousands of dollars by simply downloading this FREE software!