How Free SEO Traffic Can Crush Your Competitors – 3 Tips to Success With SEO

SEO has taken all webmasters by storm. The thought of being on the first page of google seems somewhat a myth to many people, yet I do it on a daily basis. I currently have over 30 pages on the first page of google in various niches. How do I do it? Well, here are three strategies I use to make the most of search engine optimization. All of this comes from 100% free seo traffic.

1. Seo tip number one: You must use include specific keywords within the title tags of your website. This is vital to any seo campaign, and works much better than the incredibly overused general term “welcome to my site.”

2. Tip number two: Make sure that you optimize the correct keywords in order to see free seo traffic. Do your keyword research! There are free tools such as wordtracker that can help you with this, and you need to take advantage of them! This is a very important note because optimizing the wrong keywords will not bring you any success with seo, and your search engine optimization efforts will have been wasted.

3. Once you have found some keywords that you believe will perform well in relation to your website, make sure to include those keywords in your anchor text! This is the text hyperlinked from your site, and by doing this correctly you can generate thousands of links back to your site.

These free seo traffic secrets are just some of the methods I use to get on the first page of google on a routine basis. My advice to you is learn everything you can about search engine optimization and free seo traffic. This will boost your online business beyond your expectations when done correctly!

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