Upgrading Your Old Computer Vs Purchasing A Used Or Refurbished Computer

There is much debate in the computing world over the subject of buying a new computer versus upgrading your old one. This debate seems to stem from arguments among different members of the computing world. There are many different viewpoints and opinions out there, so it is always best to just gather the facts and form one of your own. Some of these facts will be written here to help inform the reader of them.

One of the most common arguments is that buying a new computer can prove to be much more expensive then upgrading your old one. On the other hand, when you do buy a brand new computer you can be sure that you are getting the best quality for your money. Upgrading your old computer is only a better solution when, once upgraded, it can perform on par with a brand new computer while proving to cost less.

Brand new computers will surely comply with the standards of modern technology, so if you have a very old computer, it is usually not recommended to upgrade it. The reason is because older technology can be hard to find and usually more expensive when found. On top of that, is it really worth your while to upgrade an old computer if, when upgraded, it could not perform on the level a new computer could? This is a very important issue when considering the differences in a computers value and operating ability.

Another thing to take into account is the fact that most times a brand new computer will have some features which are not even an option for your old computer. For example, technologies such as USB 2.0 are unavailable on older computers. So without changing the entire motherboard out for a new, you could never achieve that feature. That being said, if you have to change out your entire motherboard, you are essentially replacing your computer rather then upgrading it. That is a whole other ballgame, and will not be discussed further in this works.

On the other hand, certain types of computers that are not brand new are so upgradeable that it can be upgraded to meet new technologies without replacing the motherboard. Some examples of this are found within desktop computers where a processor can be upgraded and replaced with a faster type. Also when a simple exchange of RAM can meet the standards, this too is a good example. Another prime example of this is when a graphics card upgrade can boost the computers performance noticeably. All of these are prime examples as to why upgrading an old computer can sometimes be the better bet, not to mention easier on the wallet.

No matter which side of the debate you place yourself, you now have the facts to make an informed decision for yourself. This has been a completely non biased point of view to simply help educate the reader.

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