Which SEO Factors Are the Most Important?

Many internet marketers are aware of the importance of on page SEO factors and link building. But there are also a few another SEO factors which are very often overlooked. Knowing these factors can be a big advantage in the dog-eat-dog SEO competition. Continue reading this article to find out which SEO factors are the most important.

SEO factor #1:Domain name age, the length of the domain name registration and whois privacy. Google prefers older domains so if you are thinking about new project you should consider buying existing project with some history. The length of the domain name registration is another important factor – SEO spammers usually register their domains for one year and as soon as they get banned, they register new domain and start to spam again. To stop this behaviour, Google gives higher priority to domain names which are registered for more years. Also private domain name registration (it means that owners details are not displayed in whois) is a signal that there is something nontransparent. For this reason, private domain registration may have negative impact on your SEO.

SEO factor #2:Keywords in the domain name are another important SEO factor. They are very important, but never use more than two-word domain. Using more keywords may have opposite effect because this looks spammy. If you are unable to register domain with the desired keywords, consider creating sub-domains like keyword.mydomain.tld.

SEO factor #3:Regularity of the link building. The regularity is very important SEO factor in these days. If you build 10,000 links in a week, you cannot expect positive SEO effect because such link building is considered spammy by search engines. It is better to build similar number of backlinks every week in the long run.

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