How To Transfer Data Between DVR and Computer

If you want to know how to transfer data between your DVR and computer, this is the article that you need to read. We will show you how to transfer movies and TV shows from your DVR to your computer.

Over the past decade, many people have either purchased a DVR or had one included with a cable or satellite TV packages. These DVR devices have been amazing, allowing us to watch our favorite programs-and pause and rewind them-whenever we want! The whole DVR craze started with TiVo. In fact, like Google, TiVo has become a verb: “Did you TiVo that program?”

Well, we always want to do more with what we have. People began wondering, “Can I transfer my DVR shows and movies to my computer?” People may want to do this for various reasons. Many may want to clear up space on their DVR. Others may want to put all of their DVR recordings onto their best selling laptops so that they can watch them wherever they like. Or, if you have recorded DVR shows on your computer, you may wish to upload them and share your favorite programs with friends.

Well, you are in luck. DVRs work a lot like your computer. At its most basic, a DVR is simply recording your television programs and movies onto a hard drive, which is exactly what your computer has inside of it. Thus, at its essence, when we look at transferring information from a DVR to a computer, we are simply copying a file from our DVR to our computer.

In an ideal world, we could do just that: connect our DVR to our computer and simply copy the file. However, the world in this case is not ideal.

To copy information from your DVR to your computer or top rated netbook, you must connect the two with the appropriate video/audio cables (composite, S-Video, DVI, etc). This often entails purchasing a video capture card for your computer. Once this is done, you then “record” the information on your computer while “playing” it on your DVR. Often, you will have the software on your computer to “capture” the video that is playing. If not, there is a free video capture utility called CapDVHS that works very well.

There is one other product that needs to be mentioned and it is made available for only TiVo users. It is called TiVo To Go and it makes this process a snap. You simply install the proper software and TiVo To Go will connect wirelessly to your home network and copy shows to your computer without any problems.

The rest of use will have to use the procedure outlined above. To copy shows from your DVR to your computer, you will need to physically connect the two devices and then use a recording program to record the show on your computer.

Once you get the hang of it, it is a great way to transfer shows from your digital video recorder to your TV.

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