Pay Per click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two of the main techniques to generate visits on your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the approach where you bid for the position in search results which are sponsored.

oHigher the bid, higher the position

oHigher the competition, higher the bid In principal, it is very straight forward. You pay for the position you wish to be and you have a greater control in terms of spending etc.

Organic SEO: Here you try to optimize your web pages around a set of keywords which you feel are suitable to your category. Once search engine crawlers indexes your website and all the pages then your ranking / listing starts appearing in the organic search results for the keywords you have targeted.

So which one of the two is better?

Organic SEO

oROI (Return On Investments) from organic SEO is substantially better than PPC.

oOrganic SEO pays good in long run.

oThe top positions of search engine results are not for sale. You can get there through organic SEO only.

oThe CTR of organic listings are higher usually.

oThe conversion of organic listing is also higher (lead / sales).

oOrganic SEO does not require regular maintenance once SEO is done perfectly and is refined for few iterations.

oThere is no recurring cost associated with SEO.

oThere is nothing like “click fraud” as you are not paying per click in organic SEO.

PPC (Pay Per Click) oPPC gives you instant traffic.

oPPC gives you targeted traffic as you can define a set of keywords for which you need traffic.

oResults can be measured in PPC programs.

oMarketing strategies can be formulated based on PPC as a tangible forecast of clicks is available over a period of time.

oPPC requires professional management once you attain a certain level of spend as maintaining.

oROI (Return On Investments) is very important. An inefficiently managed PPC program can make you loose hundreds of dollars in one night !!

oPPC usually is second most cost effective form of web marketing (After organic SEO).

oPPC campaigns requires recurring / ongoing management.

oThere are chances of loosing money due to click fraud but most of the major search engines have placed mechanisms to check this. Final Take: For any website an optimum balance and mix of PPC campaigns and organic SEO is must as they can generate quality traffic if managed properly. PPC gives instant traffic and can be a good source to generate traffic in long run too.

About the author:

Himanshu Singh, Partner Himshilp- Internet Marketing Consultants have over 8 years of experience in Internet marketing services like SEO, SEM.