Picking the Best Computers For You

Make sure you get the best computer parts. As Grandpa used to say, “use the right tool for the job, and the best quality tool to last you all the while.

So, you want to buy a new desktop computer, now the question comes down to whether you want a custom built computer or a computer manufactured on a mass production scale and sold in bulk to retail outlets.

Here are the pros and cons of retail computers versus custom built computer:

Buying Retail Computers


    The biggest benefit when buying retail computers usually means that you will find a more affordable price. Easily obtainable. You can go to the store, look over your computer and make the decision to buy fairly quickly and easily.Some big name brands offer free tech support and software.You may have longer warranties or even the option to extend your warranty.


    Most retail computers are hard to upgrade.. They are a hassle to work with and are usually cumbersome in design.The anti-virus software installed may require a monthly charge to keep up to date and active. This can also include tech support.Previously installed anti-virus software can be difficult to uninstall.It can be tough to replace a part when a piece of hardware fails because many name brand computers require its own name brand parts, which mean you are usually likely to have to send it in.Higher long term costs

Buying Custom Built Computers


    All parts are custom and can be interchanged within the given parameters, which also makes replacing them easier and will extend your computers life span.Well researched and trusted parts will usually have a longer lifespan and give you less headache.You can design your computer after your specific needs.Overclocking, with the right equipment and knowledge, can bring your computer up to higher speeds.The raid 0 feature will increase your computers speed.No pre-installed unnecessary software included.


    Higher short term costHaving all custom parts means you need to do more research or have someone that you trust find theRight equipment if you need to replace something.Time and planning is required to build a custom computer.

Whether you choose a retail bought computer or custom built from a local tech shop, you now know what to expect of the pros and cons of each. I have never owned a retail computer, and only have had custom computers my whole life. I have worked with and used mass produced computers and have been disappointed more than a custom computer, usually because of terrible customer support, and the hassle of dealing with pre-configured hardware and pre-installed software. Now you can make your choice with the information provided.

John Hallquist has twelve years experience in the IT industry, specializing in security and designing computers for family and friends. His company, Magma PC, performs computer repair and maintenance services as well as selling Magma PC custom computers. For more information visit http://www.magma-pc.com.