Why Is My Computer Very Slow All of a Sudden?

My computer is very slow” is said very often when your PC is performing poorly. This article will describe some of the common methods to increase the speed of your computer. So say goodbye to “My computer is very slow“.

In order for you to stop saying “My computer is very slow”, you need to look at the automatically started programs that are running on your machine. All the background tasks that are executing on your computer are displayed as icons on the right of your task bar. We all keep adding new software to our computers until they stop working and wonder why our computers have such poor performance. Determine which of these programs you really need and disable the rest of them. This will free up vital resources on your PC, such as your CPU and memory. This enables you to run your own programs faster.

A very useful tool that Microsoft provides with Windows is the “MSConfig” utility. To start executing the utility, click on your Start bottom, go to “Run”, open the Run window and then type in “MSConfig”. Under the Startup tab, you can uncheck the programs that you do not want to have automatically started. When you restart you PC, you can see the difference in the startup time.

Run an anti-virus scan next. Depending on how many files are on your computer, this will take some time. Start it when you are busy with something else and your computer is not busy.

What is your computers registry? The registry is a repository used to store crucial data about your computer, your own preferences and the computer configuration. Whenever you do anything on your computer, such as delete files, empty out you Recycle bin, install programs, delete the files from your Temporary Internet folder, all of this information is stored in the Windows registry. Slowly the registry becomes corrupted with invalid entries, causing error message to appear and resulting in your computer to perform badly.

The number 1 cause for a poorly performing computer is a fragmented or corrupt registry. Improving your computers performance is very easy with a registry cleaner and does not require any serious technical skills at all. After your registry has been scanned and repaired, the registry is now error free; your computer can run at maximum performance. All registry cleaners will first create a backup copy of your registry. So after a scan, you have a backup in case some critical data gets deleted due to system errors or dreadful failures.

So, if your computer is very slow, I highly recommend that you to get your registry scanned and repaired today so that your computers performance is the same as the day you first started it up.

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