What is a Smart Marketing System?

What is a Smart marketing system? Well, a Smart marketing system is not really a known term, but rather a term coined by someone who writes marketing books, does seminars and is a consultant in marketing. It makes sense to coin new phrases and new terms and indeed that is in perfect form of someone who does marketing.

To me, I believe a Smart marketing system would be one that would be similar to the one that I developed for by franchising company, which I had founded. I called my marketing system; Bonzai and Blitz Marketing. Whereas the marketing consultant and author who wrote about the Smart Marketing System; talks about a hybrid model of marketing which can be applied to be different types of businesses, I am quite confident that the Bonsai and Blitz marketing that I have created in the real world is far superior in every way, yet both methods are superior to what nearly all businesses out there are doing presently.

In fact, we proved it when we marketed our franchise system in 23 states, 450 cities and 110 major markets. We attacked the market and targeted the customers and slammed the competition into the carpet so hard that they gave up. Now that is marketing; it is that Smart marketing? Could I call my marketing system a Smart marketing system? Indeed I probably could; but I chose to call it Bonzai and Blitz marketing.

What we learned in this scenario when studying various hybrid marketing plans is that different people have found different ways to market and any marketing system that achieves results in the market place is a Smart marketing system. And that means whether it is my Bonzai and Blitz marketing system or the actual branded; Smart Marketing System by a marketing guru and consultant; it is still marketing and creative marketing which puts together multiple marketing methods towards a single message and a single goal for the company. I believe that in this case anyone would consider that to be Smart marketing. I hope you will consider this in 2006 and develop your marketing plan in a creative, innovative and successful fashion.

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