On Page SEO – Important Search Engine Optimization Meta Descriptions and Keywords (Lesson 2 of 5)

This collection of articles focus on the area of: on page SEO. This article is lesson two out of five and covers the topic of Meta descriptions and keywords.

On Page SEO -Meta DescriptionsMeta descriptions are tags which are placed within the section of your HTML code. The purpose of Meta descriptions for on page SEO, is to give a brief summary of the page content. This description will often appear below the main page title in the SERP. It acts as an additional blurb that potential visitors will read along with your title. A Meta description will appear within your HTML code as the following:

The importance of the Meta description has waned over recent years, many SEO specialists claim that this element is no longer an important part of Search Engine Optimisation. The description tag may hold less clout in SEO terms but is still useful for: