How To Select Your SEO Partner

Lots of people are being cheated by fraud SEO companies these days. I have personally met many website owners who have been cheated. They have either fell for the cheap prices offered by the SEO companies or for the unrealistic promises and offers they have made.

So, today I am going to give you a few points on how to choose the right SEO Company for your website. I am including some steps that needs to be followed for selecting the right company.

1. Ask for a case study. Any SEO company or professional should submit a case study. If he does not he is not a real professional. Otherwise, the professional may have enough experience to provide case studies.

2. Go through the web design and content management system of the company. Ask for the links of their clients web pages that they have optimized earlier.

3. Review all the options available before you select. Make a search on Google and you will find thousands of SEO companies. Collect as many companies as possible and then start short listing them on various criteria. Do not decide very fast.

4. Ask the company to explain how they are thinking of doing the SEO for your website. Ask them to provide you a detailed plan on how they are going to work on your website. If the company is not able to provide a good plan that means that the company is not worthy.

5. Ask for referrals. Check out the pages that they have optimized before and see if they have good rankings. Call up the office of the website with which they have worked earlier and find out if they have done good work before you give them the job.

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