Knowledge Sharing the Key to Marketing Innovation

Creating and managing innovation can be one of the most complex challenges facing organizations large and small today. Part of innovations management includes “marketing innovation management.”

Marketing innovation is the process of developing, creating and maintaining new ideas and methods for building sales teams, lead generation, getting the word out about your products and services and creating buzz.

The marketing landscape is forever changing and what that markets classifies as valuable is a fast moving target.

Marketing managers know that to succeed in the long term they must constantly package and re-package meaningful relevant messages and techniques to appeal to old customers, new customers and old markets and new markets to meet new demands.

One of the possible first steps toward marketing innovation is sharing knowledge.

Marketing executives and managers must share knowledge not just with the sales and marketing team members, but also with other departments.

Companies should consider a “hybrid” marketing team that consist of managers from various departments.

This can include…

Product Development Managers Sales