Slow Computer Fix – How to Fix a Slow Running PC and Keep it Error Free

It is very annoying to have a slow computer and many people have no idea on how to fix it. They do not only suffer from slow running computer but also computer freezing and poor optimization. There are some factors that affect the performance of your computer. You need to cope with all the negative issues that slow down your computer and find a slow computer fix.

Be patient enough and here you will discover some effective steps on how to make your computer run faster. Here are some simple tips you can perform to fix a slow computer.

#1 First start your computer and go through the list of installed programs you have on your computer. Having your computer used for a long time, there are programs that need to be deleted. You should remove programs that you no longer need or no longer use or out of date. Having done this, you will improve computer performance and it will run faster.

One way of finding what programs are causing problems is to run a scan on your PC to check it out with a free system health check program, many which are downloadable for free.

#2 Go to your “My Documents” program. Using your computer for a long time, will surely have lot of junk files on the system disk so remove all the files that you do not need or have backup files. Then go to “My Pictures” transfer them to a removable disc or delete all pictures you no longer need.

#3 Run the windows disk cleanup program. This will remove files that are no longer needed and compress those you do not use much saving you space and improving computer performance.

#4 Run a system scan and check the health of your PC. This will check the registry and the rest of the computer for errors. When a program is removed from your computer, some registry entries are not eliminated completely and they are no longer valid. It is one reason why your computer can slow down. You need to check all the registry entries including the invalid ones. you may have malware on your computer without even knowing about it. This will slow down your PC as well.

Malware uses your RAM and other resources that slow down the speed of your computer that is why it necessary to clean up the void registry keys and to get rid of malware which can compromise your credit cards and monitor every keystroke on your computer doing this will give you a slow computer fix and speed your computer right up again and make it more secure.

You are not alone in having this problem. Run a system scan and follow these tips to improve computer performance and speed up a slow running computer.

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