How Do I Improve Computer Performance – You Can Make Your PC Like New Again

A new computer runs smoothly and fast but as you use it, the slower it gets. There are several reasons why your computer runs slow. This article will discuss about these factors and each corresponding solution to improve computer performance.

Factor #1

RAM and software programs installed can hamper your computers ability to perform faster. The RAM handles all the tasks of your computer. The more programs you run at the same time the faster the RAM gets exhausted. Software programs can also make your PC run slower. The bigger a program is, the slower your computer gets.

Solution #1

The bigger the RAM capacity the faster your computer can run. It is always advised to install the highest RAM capacity your computer can handle. This will enable more powerful multitasking capabilities of your computer. With regards to software programs, it is advised that you uninstall unnecessary programs using the add and remove programs tool of your computer in control panel.

Factor #2

Your hard drive gets fragmented as you use your computer. The more fragmented your hard drive is, the longer it will take to retrieve necessary data from your hard drive. This can slow down your computer and can take some time to open up a program or finish a certain task.

Solution #2

Windows has a built-in hard drive defragmenter tool. You can run this tool by right-clicking “MyComputer” – click “Manage” tab – “Disk Defragmenter” then choose which hard drive or partition you want to defragment. This method can take some time depending on the size of your hard drive. It is recommended to use this tool regularly for easy maintenance and to improve computer performance.

Factor #3

Malicious programs such as virus, malware, adware and spyware programs can harm your computer. It can slow down your computer and worse it can stop your computer from booting up. These programs were made to destroy Windows-based computers.

Solution #3

Install a reliable anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-adware and anti-spyware programs and be sure to update them regularly. Everyday a new malicious program is created so it is advised that you update and scan your computer regularly.

Factor #4

A corrupted windows registry can either slow down or stop your computer from functioning.

Solution to Factor #4

There are several registry cleaners that you can find in the internet. Be sure to use a registry cleaner from reliable sources. Registry cleaners can scan and fix errors from your registry and can bring back that fast PC you once had and improve computer performance.

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