A known Word SEO and whats behind it

We are very much familiar with the word SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When we search for something we generally search more two or three pages after the first page. We loose patience and go for a new keyword or key phrases and we search until we get our desired page result. So when you are optimizing your site your motivation should be placing your website within page result three. How to optimize a site is not an impossible matter. few factors work behind it.I am describing all of them step by step.

1.Key word or key phrases: Generally key words or key phrases are placed in meta tag.It tells the search engines about the contents of your web pages. Choosing proper keywords and key phrases are important for search engine optimization. If you use key phrases you should think of space between two words. Because it differs search results. If you type download mp3 it will open a page result. Now type downloadmp3. It will open another page result. So it differs results. So you may use the key phrase with both type – keeping a polite space or leaving no space. So when you are going to optimize a page you have to optimize a keyword or key phrases. Sometimes people misspell when they type a keyword or key phrases. Misspelled words can be good keywords.But use them with original words as spelling variation. Use meta description.Where you may put your web contents in brief.

2.Adding new contents: Search engine loves new contents. Try to add new contents regularly It will help your site to rank high.

3. Web Submission: You can find many web based concerns who are doing website submission job. Just add your URL to those directories. They will add your site URLs to many directories. Some concerns offer free of cost web submission in exchange of putting their links in your site.

4.Build Back links: Back links are one of the most essential parts in search engine optimization. What does a back link mean? A back link is an incoming link from a different web address or web site pointing to your website. It is said as in link, inbound link, backward link.Search engines love it. There are so many ways to get back links. back links come from social networking sites as Twitter, facebook etc.etc., article directories.reciprocal link or link exchange is a process to get back links.Its a vital part in search engine optimization.