Why is My Computer Running Slow? 3 Steps to Fix Any Slow Computer Quickly

If you are asking why is my computer running so slow it is not always a solution to take your computer to a repair shop or even buy a new computer because your computer is very slow. There is a solution to this problem since your computer will not be running slow for the rest of its life span. Your computer was running fast before it started slowing down so there is a big possibility that you can make it run fast again.

You might be wondering on how you can do that and the answers are right here. All you have to do is follow these simple steps so that your computer will run faster again.

Step 1: Check if you are running too many programs.

When you are very busy doing something in front of your computer you may not notice that you are running a lot of programs. This is a common reason. There is also a possibility that you have a lot of programs that are set to auto-start during the start up of your computer. Just make sure that there are only a few programs that are running while you are using your computer.

Step 2: Scan your hard drive for potential viruses.

A very real threat to your computer is viruses which you could get from USB flash drives, the internet and other devices. These viruses that can damage your computer can slow down your computer and you can fix the problem with the help of any kind of virus scanner. Just remember that your virus scanner needs to be updated so that new viruses cannot escape your virus scanner and all viruses will be detected and cleaned. and this will help you find out why my computer is running so slow.

Step 3: Download and install a registry cleaner on your computer.

It is not only viruses that can affect your computers performance but errors and corruption in your windows registry. You can fix this problem with the use of a registry cleaner. Simply download and install one and scan your computer and it will automatically fix the problem for you and help speed up your slow computer in minutes.

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