Shanxi Medicines

has come to the summer heat shanxi medical health products market has so far failed to heat up this can not help but make a lot of shanxi merchants lament actively sought in the domestic market marketing under the influence of the new model recently shanxi medicines amp health products on the market that accompanied this was a turning point signal shanxi ruifeng group announced more than 3 000 cities in the country started to promote hsbc yangshengtang chain sales network the face of stronger competition in the market situation the province of traditional chinese medicine health products production enterprises can sprung up force br br in addition to advertising to sell products i can not think of how to do this market also july 13 morning the province of a medical health care products maker sam interview admitted that in fact our sales companies the operation of a product are risking a lot if the ad breaking open the market thus raising sales also won otherwise it may lose everything br br it is understood that health food production in enterprise in shanxi province 20 home sales on the 100 enterprises in the traditional chinese health food market sales model is still popular the past concept under the influence of marketing business sales through the traditional advertising model bombing encroaching advertisement quot banner quot is the direction of the direction of profits br br but in this case many manufacturers have not produced the economic strength of the product in marketing the company 39 s quot packaging quot under each quot kill quot into the market causing unrest in the whole market quot in pitch darkness quot therefore medicine and health products marketing need to break through the whole the emergence of new quot inflection point quot the so called market quot inflection point quot refers to the part of health care products on the distribution system for the production and marketing enterprises to quot change quot that meet the market demand innovative marketing model br br the face of medicine and health products market downturn trend as the largest province in medicine health products research and development production sales as the leading industry of shanxi ruifeng group have decided to take the strategic adjustment of the first new marketing model that since june 28 2008 in the national market from start to promote hsbc yangshengtang chain marketing network system to create new health care institutes the marketing concept in shanxi medicine health products marketing of revolutionary significance br br according to industry analysis quot to be sure traditional marketing health care products for the pharmaceutical industry has reached the point of running out of tricks but will continue for some time and the new sales model the majority of enterprises in shanxi currently still at the exploratory stage the real impact provincial level marketing companies break through the key production and marketing of new market policies and the formulation of a new sales model quot