Marketing Guru: Springboard Marketing

Aligned Marketing Ploys

Steeped in the ever changing flavors of time, marketing ploys drift along dependent on the economic stressors of the money code. What bears the weight, what leaves us cold, or what feels right is often the determining factor of what marketing ploys work.

When a marketer works off the economy, sucks autonomy from the season, and builds on what has already evolved in the business world their marketing is effective. Currently effective marketing would have something to do with random negligence, a comment, or pun implicating lack of forethought randomly placed will capture attention. But is it good marketing?

Any strategic marketer will recognize the ploy and jump past it. Buyer be ware, kind of restrictions might apply in most cases. The reader might altruistically manage to get past the ploy, and yet if the implication is subtle enough – the ploy becomes subliminal and therefore a working strategy to get the attention of the reader.

Subtle market strategy becomes a dominant factor in marketing. How strong are your base marketing ideals? Do they capture the audience? Do they get attention fast and keep it?

Plan your marketing ploys to get the attention of the consumer and direct them to your most effective position and let them make their own decisions – with your encouragement.

Jan Verhoeff is an expert marketer with more than two decades of experience in making things happen on the sales front. Feature marketing strategies are effective and direct. For more information about marketing your product and strategy that will work for you, see eBiz Blitz at