Why is My Computer Slow – How to Make Your Computer Run Like a New One!

There are many reasons why your computer loses speed and seems slower than usual. Files might have been disorganized or you might have too many programs running. There are a few things to do to fix a slow computer problem and make your computer run faster and perform like new without spending a fortune and will stop you asking why is my computer slow.

First, you have to make sure that your computer is clean and free of viruses and spyware.

These are two problems which confront internet users and which can slow down your computers performance and speed. spyware collects and steals information from websites that you visit and viruses eat up your computer systems resources. To fix these two problems, get a good anti-virus and anti spyware software.

Remember that unused programs and unnecessary files will also decrease the free memory in your computer. In order to rid yourself of this problem, delete files which are unimportant and empty the recycle bin. Remove cookies or temporary internet files and clean your desktop, you should only put the folders which you frequently use on your desktop. When the list of recent documents you have opened become long, this can also cause your computer to run slow.

When your computer has frequent crashes and freezes, or has too many error messages, slow speed and slow start up time, then your computer probably has a corrupted registry. You can look for registry scanners and cleaners on the internet to fix this problem. This will speed up your computer and fix the problem of a slow computer start up. Before you use a registry cleaner run your anti-virus software first. You do not want to try and repair a registry when there is malicious software in it that will just keep on altering files over and over again.

Disk fragmentation can also cause your computer to slow down. In this case, run the disk defragmenter. Click start then all programs then accessories, then click system tools, then disk defragmenter.

After that choose the drives to defragment and click the analyze button. A dialog box will appear letting you choose whether to defragment the drive or not. if it is the first time you have run this it will definitely need to be run and the first time you run it you will find it takes an hour or so to run.

These easy procedures should fix a slow computer and make your computer run faster and perform like new again. they only take a few minutes to run and can transform a slow computer into a fast one and stop you asking why is my computer slow.

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