Cleaning Up a Computer – Great Way For Making Your Computer Perform Faster

Nowadays, it is a fact that a computer is highly needed. It is often used for an extended period of time. However, if you save more files and run more programs, you may notice that it cannot run as quick as it used to. There are some ways you can do to clean up your computer so that it can run fast as it used to.

Step one: Remove all your old files

The first thing you can do is to remove all old files. Too many files in your computer can cause your computer to run slow. In this case, it is a wise thing to remove all old files. See through all your old or unimportant files and remove or delete it. If you are not sure whether to remove or not, it will be better for you back those up into an external hard drive. In this way, you can easily access to your old files and you will get your computer run faster.

Step two: uninstall the programs you are not using anymore

You can also clean up your computer by deleting all the programs that you are not using any longer and that you do not plan to use it in the future. Fewer installed programs can make you computer run fast. If you use Windows, you can delete it by clicking Start, Control Panel, and then Add or Remove Programs. The Windows will display all the lists of the programs you use in your computer, for making your work easier, you can sort the programs by the date the last time you use them. The next thing you should do is to click on the program you are going to delete and then click Remove for deleting the program form your computer.

Step three: remove temporary files

Another thing that can cause your computer to run low is the piling up temporary files which are stored in the hard drive. You can clean it up by looking for the files with.tmp extension. If you use Windows, right click on the Start and click explore. It can highlight your hard drive. Then, click Search, All Files and Folders. Type *.tmp, then click Search. The explorer will then display all the temporary files in your computer. For deleting all of the files together, you can click one of the files and then press Ctrl A for highlighting all the files. You can now press delete for delete all of those files.

Step four: Empty your recycle bin

Recycle bin can keep the copies of the files you have deleted. Remove it permanently. For Windows, you can do it by right clicking on Start and then click Explore. Then, right click on the Recycle bin and click Empty Recycle Bin, Yes.

Step five: Run an error check on your computer

Remove all the errors that can make your computer run slow. For Windows, you can do it by clicking Start then My Computer. You can then right click on the hard drive (typically C:) and select the Properties. Then, click on the Tools tab, check now and Start.

Step six: Defragment your computer

It is useful for making your computer run efficiently. For Windows program, you can do it by clicking your hard drive (typically C:) and then click Properties. Choose the Tools tab, Defragment Now and then Defragment.

Step seven: Clean up your registry

The registry errors can be automatically fixed by the software. It can make your computer run fast. It takes to boot up the computer when you turn it on. Another thing you can do is by taking maintenance on a weekly basis.

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