How to Explain SEO to a Layman

So what is SEO? SEO or search engine optimization is the process of increasing the volume of traffic from search engines to a website via search engine organic result listings. Do you think a layman will understand the above sentence?

SEO is an important process and many business owners should implement it to their websites. However, many business owners do not have any prior knowledge about SEO. Therefore, it is important to explain SEO in a simpler way.

1. Search engines like Google sends out web crawlers, also known as GoogleBots that go through all the web pages on the Internet.

2. These robots surf the web much like how people do it. But, the difference is that they are much faster and can surf up to millions of pages every day. To make sure that they have the most current websites, these robots are working all the time, 24/7.

3. How often your site is crawled depends on how often quickly you change its content. A site that is updated frequently will be crawled more often than a static website that never changes its content for years. Robots love fresh content.

4. The robots also detect the number of links that are pointing back to your website. These links are important in deciding the search ranking of your site. Also, robots will read the content of your website. It should have content that is relevant to the keywords that you want to rank high for. Search engines value relevancy.

5. Then, copies of these pages are stored in the index database of search engines. The index works like the content of a book and contains all the possible search term. The factor that determines where your site will rank in the index is correlated to the content of your website.

6. When a user types in a search query in search engines, the robot will match the query with all the web pages in the index. Then, it will return the most relevant web pages to the user. Meanwhile, a short description of the pages will be generated for the search results page. The description can be taken out from your content or Meta Description.

7. Web pages are ranked in terms of relevance before they are displayed on the results page of search engines. Search engine like Google considers more than 200 factors when ranking sites. One of the factors is PageRank (PR), which takes into consideration how many sites are linked to your webpage. With higher PR, it is easier for you to get your site to rank high on search result page. That is why getting links to point back to your site is so important when it comes to SEO.

Hope that with this explanation, you are now able to explain what SEO is about easily.