Make Free Money Online with SEO Writing

The Internet marketing industry is still hustling and bustling, as we can see form the never ending stream of ads and links on every website we visit everyday. But aside from the often annoying pop ups and the distracting ads, there is one more subtle but efficient Internet marketing element that you as a writer can make free money online out of, and it¡¯s called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO is optimization for web content¡ªthat is to say, the articles we can read in a website. What it does for that website is it optimizes the articles for search engines, making the site more search engine friendly and enabling it to get top results when someone uses a particular set of keywords that are also used in the web content. You see how useful it is for internet marketing? That¡¯s how much needed it is and hence how much you can make out of writing SEO articles. The gist of writing such an article revolves around using keywords. These keywords are the exact same keywords a person would use when searching on the internet for sites that have content related to that keyword. What you do as an SEO article writer is you incorporate those keywords into your articles a set number of times (usually 3 ¨C 5% of the article¡¯s word count) so that a search engine can easily pick it up. This method of optimizing content ahs given freelance writers the world over a new venue for online income, so if you¡¯re a writer or are inclined to e one¡ªor if you at least have a decent command of written English and sufficient research skills, then this could be a treasure trove for you.

Aside from SEO, Latent Semantic Indexing or SI is also used. LSI is a work around for what search engines developed in response to keyword spamming (jamming too many keywords in an article to get search engine top spots but no real value is in the article). LSI uses the main keyword a certain number of times, then uses synonyms or other similarly defined words as other keywords.