What Computer Manufacturers Do Not Want You to Know About Their Computers – Until You Buy One

Did you know that many people do not realize that most (if not all) of the big brand name computer manufacturers do not include what is widely considered the most important information about a computer on the outside of its box?

This information, which should be vital in the decision of buying a specific computer or not is the “model of the motherboard”. The motherboard of a computer is the foundation that the computer is built on and it dictates every aspect of what the computer is, and what the computer ever will be.

In case you have doubts about this, the next time you are in a major department store that sells prebuilt computer systems (any brand), look on the box at the specifications and try to find the model or even the brand of motherboard that is installed.

By knowing the model of the motherboard a person can easily research it online to find out important information such as what types of processors it supports, how much and what type of ram memory can be installed, how many PCI express slots and expansion slots it has.

This is very important information that you need to know before buying any computer, as this will help you determine how long this computer may have before becoming out dated and if you will ever be able to upgrade it or not.

Why would the big brand computer manufacturers withhold this vital information if they want you to buy their computer? I can only think of two reasons (there may be more I am not aware of).

1. The computer manufacturers feel that the general public is not smart enough to understand the details of the motherboard model specifications and that it will only confuse their buying decision, therefore insulting the intelligence of a large number of people that do understand it.

2. They are hiding the model or brand of this piece of hardware so that the end user or buyer will not realize that future upgrading will be at a minimum or not possible at all, therefore hoping they will return in the future to buy another complete computer system once it has become out dated.

Not saying that any computer manufacturer would do this, but from a computer manufacturers point of view, would it not make sense to install a cheap motherboard and max out its specifications such as the processor and memory so that when it is advertised it seems you are getting more bang for your buck. Then in a year or so when you find out you cannot upgrade it, you will return to buy a whole new computer system.

Keeping all of this in mind, maybe it is time that more people should learn how to build a computer for themselves, as this is not as hard as many people think. By doing so, they will not only gain the knowledge of how to assemble a computer, but they will also have the options of building a computer that they may be able to upgrade for many years to come.

Click here if you want free information about how to assemble a computer or you can copy and paste this url http://squidoo.com/how-to-assemble-a-computer into your browser.

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