My Computer is Running Very Slow – 3 Fast Fixes For Your Slow Computer

Many computer owners have been wondering what causes the slow down in their computers performance.and ask why my computer is running very slow. Anyone must have heard this from a PC owner. Computers get outdated but that does not cause it to slow down.

Any changes in its speed or performance are cause by alterations in the system through software downloads and installations. If you do not make many changes in your system then you will rarely encounter any changes in your computers speed.

What are the available solutions that will fix a computers slow performance? Here are the most practical quick fixes that will speed up your slow computer.

#1) It is essential that you organize your files. This would definitely mean that one does a defragmentation of the hard drive. This is a free solution built into your operating system. It fixes fragmented files in the most systematic manner. This allows your computer to find what it needs to process a particular application. This procedure may take a lot of time so be patient. It is recommended that you do this procedure at least twice a month to optimize your computers performance and this will help you find an answer to why my computer is running very slow.

#2) It is very important to get a lot of disk space in your computer. One of the major causes of slow computers is a lack of disk space. When you free up valuable disk space, you will see immediate changes in your computers speed. Here you do not have to spend money for a registry scanner in order to repair your computer.

Check also the memory capacity of your computer or rather how much is still free. In line with this, you need to remove unnecessary files or applications that you do not use anymore. Deleting them in your system will provide you more space in your hard drives and memory. This will save you money on upgrading your hard drive and memory.

#3) It pays to have an antivirus program in your system. It is inevitable that you will encounter a site that will threaten your system. One must be aware that viruses, spyware, malware and adware slow down your computers performance. They tend to work in the background, depleting your systems resources. It will do its job in protecting and eradicating threats to your computer and will speed it up and you will not longer ask why my computer is running very slow.

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