Slow Computer Speed – How to Regain Faster Computer Speed For Free?

We know that computer speed will gradually become slower as programs and files we have on the PC. Normally, an update of the RAM and graphic care helps to regain faster computer, but it will cost you too much, which is not well worth to an old computer. But with the guidelines below, slow computer speed will be solved instantly.

1). Uninstall unused programs. Unused programs on the computer will only waste valuable disk space which are needed to faster the computer. Directly go to “Start”, Control Panel, Add/ Remove Programs to uninstall the unneeded programs from your PC.

2) Run Disk Cleanup. It is a utility which designed to safely clear up the useless system junk files from the PC such as useless download files/ empty the recycle bin and then free up available disk space. Right-click a drive icon in “My Computer” to select “Properties”, and choose “Disk Cleanup” within “General” tab to let the utility scan and remove the useless files that can contribute to slow computer speed.

3) Run disk defragmenter. A disk defragment process helps to rearrange the files on the hard drive, making them always stay at the same place and much easier to be accessed. It is recommended that you should run one after the installation/uninstallation, the creation/ removal of big folders from the computer. By running this, you will see an improvement on your computer speed because of faster file accessing speed.

4) Turn off unneeded services and start-up programs. When installing programs on the PC, some will automatically add entries to run automatically when booting up the computer. All of these will easily overload the system resource and then make it run slowly. So a cut-down of the unneeded services and start-up programs is needed in order to regain faster computer speed.

5) Do not open too many websites at the same times. You will find that your computer run extremely slow if you open up several websites at the same time. To regain faster computer, do not open too many websites at the same time.

6) Regularly clean up Windows registry. Registry is the component which used most frequently on a computer. Hence, errors come inevitably. Registry errors on the PC will result in slow computer speed by extending the time to access what the system exactly needs. After optimizing Windows registry, you will find your computer speed becomes dramatically fast.

With the six steps above, I believe you will easily regain faster computer speed that you have lost for any reason. If not, simply go here, you will get the best registry cleaner on market to free and thoroughly scan your Windows registry to speed it up.