Slow Computer Performance – Four Steps to Make Your Computer Run Faster in Under an Hour

If your computer has been performing slower than it used to do then it is best to follow these simple steps that will help repair this unusual behavior. It would be best to follow these steps before you purchase a new computer and you can fix slow computer performance without spending a fortune.

#1 It is inevitable that your computer has accumulated lots of unused and useless files that consume so much space on your hard drive. These files actually cause your computers poor performance. Since the computers RAM is limited as well it can only process a certain amount of data. To repair this problem all you have to do is to run the disk cleanup utility in your PC. This will automatically remove and compress your files. To do this just click on the systems tools folder under accessories on your start menu and then run the tool. You can also download a free application like “CCleaner” that can thoroughly clean your computer as well.

#2 It is a must for every computer to have an antivirus program. This will help eliminate viruses that affect your computers performance. You can either buy a licensed program or if you are on a tight budget you can just download a free version. You can use this to do virus scans on a regular basis. It will look for viruses and quarantine and kill them. Having no antivirus software while you are on the internet is like walking round with your wallet open so everyone can see inside. Do not take this risk.

#3 Another way to repair slow computer performance is by utilizing an anti-spyware program. Spyware is lethal to your computer. They have malicious routines that self install on your computer and will simply cause irregularities in your computers performance and this is only the tip of the it. They can compromise and steal everything you store, including passwords, financial data and anything else. Some just take credit card details and passwords and you if you are not careful you will not even know until it is too late.

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