What Are the Solutions to Speed Up My Slow Computer?

Many computer owners ask the questions are “Why does my computer slow down so much?” and “What are the solutions to speed up my slow computer?”In fact, there are many reasons that cause your computer to be sluggish or run slowly. Here are some tips to help that your slow computer regain some the of the speed and performance ability back so that you can enjoy your computer without these annoying problems.

Remove the unwanted items from the startup programs list. Many programs are running when you start up your computer. They eat up a lot of precious computer resources. This could cause your computer to run slowly. To speed up your computer, you can take the following processes. Click Start> Click Run> Type msconfig and then you can select the startup and uncheck all of the programs that you do not want to load every time while you start up your computer. This will make your computer start up much faster.

Delete your internet temporary internet files and your cookies. These files can waste plenty of RAM or CPU sources. As a result, your computer becomes so slow. In order to get a faster browsing speed, you should clean up the cache on the internet browsers. Meanwhile, using a browser such as Firefox can decrease the browsing speed.

Use registry cleaner or registry tool. The computer registry can be the database including all of the settings and options of the common Microsoft Windows such as Windows XP, Vista and 7. Also, it contains all the settings for hardware and software of your computer. Once your settings are changed in your computer, the registry will also be infected. Therefore, the registry errors occur and this will cause the files and data unstable. And you will have a slow computer. To use a good registry cleaner can clean up the registry errors and get back the data. And obviously you can speed up your computer with this way.

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