How to Fix My Computer For Free – Increase Your Computer Speed Without Spending a Cent

It makes you feel lonely when your computer is not performing well. You are limited to the things that you can do with your computer because the performance of your PC will slow down. Buying a high-end type of computer is not always the solution and you can fix your computer for free and speed it right up.

You can still do something with your computer that will improve its performance like a high-end computer.

There are several things you should to make your computer faster. Follow these steps and your computer will make you smile instead of frown.

STEP 1: Clear your temporary internet files. Some temporary internet files may contain cookies or malicious malware that slows down your computer. Check your applications as well if all your applications are compatible with your operating system and is compatible with the specs of your computer, otherwise they could be eating up your memory.

STEP 2: If some of your applications are not compatible, install a compatible version or find alternate software, usually you can find free alternatives as well and if you are asking how can I fix my computer for free this is a great way to save money and speed up your computer with alternatives that are compatible with your operating system and computer specs.

STEP 3: This is not entirely free but can save you the cost of calling a technician or buying a new computer. Download a free registry scanner to find out if you have any registry errors. If a free scan finds any use a registry cleaner to check and repair the registry entries of all your applications. This will also scan your hard drive for possible adware and viruses hiding in the registry that slow down your computer. Trying to do this manually is nearly impossible.

After scanning with registry repair software you should also defragment your hard drive which will then arrange all your files in order and speed up your computer further.

STEP 4: Delete files that you are not using anymore. This Will free a lot of space on your hard drive so that your computer will be faster. It will also allow you to add more files that you really need. It will also make up more space in your hard drive.

STEP 5: Check all drivers for your hardware and see if there are any updates. Out of date drivers can slow down your PC. The first place you should look is windows update and then check with the device manufacturer that you have the correct and latest driver.

These steps will speed up your computer in no time. This will not cost you anything, except if you buy a registry cleaner, because it is also the basic maintenance of your computer and will answer your question of how to fix my computer for free. Carry out these steps once a week and save yourself a lot of money as well as speed up your computer.

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