If You Have a Slow Windows Computer Here Are Four Steps to Fix Any Cause of the Problem

You will know if your computer will have problems when one of the following happens and you begin to notice you have a slow windows computer.

1. Errors committed by accidentally deleting important system files.

2. Errors from applications being installed that are not compatible.

3. Damaged done at the Hardware level of the computer, such as spilling something in the computer or dropping your laptop.

4. Infection from viruses, trojans, adware and other malicious programs.

5. Overheating, sudden power surge, sudden power outage, and other situations outside of your control.

It is necessary that you know the reason behind why your computer is failing and why you have a slow windows computer before you can fix it. Knowing the root of the problem gives you the solution to how you will be able to save your computer and save you money in the process.

If your computer is under warranty you can get it repaired for free. What if your warranty has expired and you have all your important files saved inside that computer? You might want to take the long way and save all the data inside your computer into a portable hardware and buy a new PC. The thing is there is also a way to save your PC and regain its performance.

Remember that when you are dealing with hardware problems it is more advisable that you check it out with a technician to avoid further damage. But when it comes to software problems like slow computer speed, there are ways to help get its speed back to normal. Here is some computer knowledge which you need to know when you begin to notice your computer is running slow.

1. You need to take good care of what it is inside your hard disk. You need to ensure that your hard disk is a healthy one. Once they are infected by malware they perform very slow. Run an anti virus, the windows disk clean up software and run the disk defragmenter tool which located on the tools menu under accessories.

2. Once you are done taking care of your hard disk you need to install an updated version of your anti virus. By updating this you are rendering your computer safer from most of the malicious programs that are trying to infiltrate your computer.

3. We all know that one of the main causes of your computers slow performance is malware. If you do not have the right protection, your computer is sure to get infected. Once this happens, you will have a slow running computer. You will know that your computer has been infected if there are a lot of error messages that keeps on popping up on your PC.

4. Run a free registry scan. This will uncover any registry errors that will cause a slow windows computer. If there are any errors, corruption or malicious files in the registry your computer will start running slower and report error after error. The solution is to run a registry scan and get rid of these errors quickly.

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