Increase Computer Speed – Easiest Ways to Increase Computer Speed in Minutes

When noticing the computer is running slow, some will decide to reinstall the system trying to increase computer. But they rarely notice that with the reinstallation of the programs, the computer speed will also become slower. So how do we easily increase computer speed without an entire system reinstallation?

Here are some very easiest ways that we can do in daily like to increase computer speed or avoid a slow computer:

Firstly, Free up as much disk space as possible, which includes:1) Uninstall some unwanted programs from Add/ Remove Programs.2) Use Disk Cleanup utility within System Tools to remove temporary Internet files, downloaded program files, Windows temporary files such as error reports, empty the Recycle Bin and so no.(Note: Normally, temporary Internet files are generated every time we visit a website and they take large amount of valuable disk space, which greatly slow down computer speed)

Secondly, Increase speed to data. 1) If using Windows XP, Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for its own purposes. To increase computer speed, first we should get back the reservable bandwidth: Click Start-