Slow Computer Drive You Crazy? Four Tips to Speed Up Your Slow Computer and Make it Brand New Again

Over time, computer will become slower for sure, sometimes they just freeze or crash with no recognizable reason, it takes you a long time to launch a program or even open a single document. If the above situations sound familiar to you, I think you might need to learn how to speed up your computer. Here are just the tips to help you solve the slow computer problem.

1. The first thing you need to do is go to control panel, open the Add/Remove utility, check the program list carefully and remove all the non-essential programs. These programs may take up valuable RMA space. Remove them can faster the computer startup time as well as free more space.

2. The second thing I recommend to do is move the My Documents Folder from the system drive (usually is drive C:) to another drive of your computer, because this folder normally contains large, varying sizes files. Move it from system drive will definitely improve the OS performance.

3. Make sure your computer has antivirus software installed. Virus is the NO1 harmful factor for a computer with no doubt. If you surf the internet frequently, there is no way for a computer to escape the virus attack without the protection of antivirus software. Also make sure they are up-to-date, then run the virus scan regularly to keep the computer virus-free.

4. Clean the computer registry. It has been proven that it is the most effective way to repair a slow computer. Since registry is the core of the entire computer system, it is the main cause for the computer slow down as well as many computer problem, by using software to clean the registry, it can help you to find out any corrupted, invalid entries and spyware, removing these stuff from the registry can fewer the pop-up errors, freezes, crashed as well as improve the computer performance considerably.

The above tips will definitely help you to fix your slow computer. you may CLICK HERE to free download the best registry cleaner we selected, clean up registry and speed up your computer right now!