5 Steps to Get Rid of a Dead Slow Computer and Maintain a Good PC Performance Easily

Have you ever been frustrated and annoyed for your slow computer? I have. I was once crazy about my dead slow desktop computer which was bought only one year ago, and I nearly gave up by buying a new one. But before that happened, one of my fellows who used to work in a computer store did me a big favor that he instructed me to fix my dead slow computer step by step. And luckily my computer runs very fast now.

Of course, to keep my desktop always speedy, I still need to keep good maintenance for it following the steps regularly. Here, I would like to list the five steps below which may be useful to you, too, if you also have a very slow computer, or if you want to know the best way to maintain a good PC performance.

Step 1: If the computer is really slow, in some cases, it is possibly infected by Adware, spyware, viruses or malware. So, it sometimes can make your computer back to be a little bit normal by running an antivirus/antispyware tool. The antivirus tool can completely scan your computer for anything malicious. Remove all the malicious items once there is any found. As the malicious codes added in our computer by those malicious threats are always difficult for you to notice, we need to prevent them daily while we are using the Internet.

Step 2: As we use the computer every day, many files and programs may be created, installed or removed. This can make our hard disk overloaded with millions of files, inside which many of them are useless, invalid, duplicate or even harmful, surely. So, we need to check our hard disks and delete all the useless files and programs regularly. By clean up our hard disks, more available disk space will come up and the computer speed will also be boosted seemly.

Step 3: Not only clean up the hard disks, it is also very essential to defragment the disks by rearranging all the files inside. This will help make all the files stored in order and allow Windows to easily track up related files when you need them. So, by using the defragment utility our Windows has, our computer can have a better performance.

Step 4: This is a very simple step to speed up our computer we can do right now, that is not to open too many programs at the same time. We know that programs require parts of system resources when they are running, so shutting down some unused programs helps apparently to avoid slow running computer. Moreover, by removing the unnecessary startup programs can make your Windows load much faster at PC startup.

Step 5: Above all, we should know that one of the most important parts of your system is the Windows registry, where all information you create and save is kept. After a long time use of the computer, more and more files are accumulated in the registry, as well as the hard disk. The registry files that are corrupted, invalid, or harmful can eventually cause problems and errors in the registry, which make our computer run slowly. So, to keep the registry in good shape and keep our computer running fast, we need a registry cleaner. This can automatically scan and finds unneeded files in the registry. Meanwhile, all errors, corrupted and any malicious entries can be fixed quickly; hence our computer can run fast in the right away.

If your computer is slow now, if you want to maintain your computer to run always fast, you can try this approved effective solution to speed up your computer and regain a fast running computer immediately. Your computer is sure to be much faster like a new one again.

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