Slow Computer Performance – Fix a Slow Running PC With 4 Simplest Methods

For all PC users, a slow computer performance is not acceptable. If you can not accept that, then you should form some good habits to avoid or fix a slow running PC.

Though there are many ways to speed up a computer, we can not let go of the tips below in order to keep peak PC performance and fix a slow computer.

1. Reduce system pressure to speed it up.As a human being, if we have to take many heavy stuffs at one time, we will be exhausted and can not move longer. This happens the same to computers. So to improve computer performance and fix a slow running PC, what we should do first is to reduce its pressure – uninstall/remove what we do no want, which includes:

1) Uninstall the unused programs from Add/ Remove Programs.2) Delete the useless files/folders/ system files with the Disk Cleanup utility.3) Simplify the startup items by going to “Start” –