Slow Computer Fix – Fix Registry Errors and Speed Up Computer

A slow computer can always drive you crazy, sometimes it will halt or even freeze when you work on the computer, it is no doubt very frustrating to use such computer for work or entertainment.

The worst thing is various pop up ads or errors show up on your screen when you are using the computer. These errors will not only slow down your computer but also freeze or even crash you computer. Well it is not the end of the world, there is several things you can do to prevent those problem from happening.

1. First, defragment your computer hare disk regularly to keep the files of your computer in order. It can make the programs or files in your computer open much faster.

2. Remove unwanted programs and wasted files of your computer, this will help you free more space on the hard drive which will makes the computer startup quicker.

3. Check out if there are any viruses on your computer by performing viruses scan with a specific antivirus program. Malicious viruses often lurk in everywhere in your PC which bring you errors from time to time. Scan and erase virus not only help speeding up the computer but also protect the your personal information.

4. Defragment and virus scan are not enough for protecting and optimizing the computer. You need to clean the registry of your computer as well. It is a very crucial and effective way to get rid of spywares or obsolete, invalid entries which generated from programs you uninstalled. Without doing so, a messed up Windows registry will make the computer even slower, spywares will still affect the entire system if the linked files in the registry are still exist.

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