Which Should You Buy – Home Desktop Computers Or Laptop Computers?

It can already be considered a timeless battle between desktop computers and laptops as to which of these two computer variants is the better option for consumers. It has been a question many people have tried to answer ever since the first laptops or notebooks came to the market.

But with the ever lowering prices of laptops and their ever growing features, consumers have started to juggle the advantages and disadvantages of using a desktop over the convenience of lugging around the more convenient notebook.

To help you decide on your next computer purchase, read through this short list of the pros and cons of a desktop computer over a laptop. Keep in mind that you should not just focus on the disadvantages of using a desktop as it is often the advantages that you really need to help you accomplish your daily tasks.

PROS – For Home Desktop Computers

1. For business use.

In most cases, desk top computers are more powerful than a laptop that is why most people whose jobs require a powerful computer would usually prefer a desktop. This is true with graphic designers, computer programmers, video editors and many more. Business desktop computers can crunch up huge numbers and open large spreadsheets without breaking a sweat. However, there are also business laptop computers that can do the job, although in a more limited capacity.

2. Desktops are cheaper.

While you can always buy cheap laptop, it is however usually lacking in power when compared to a desktop PC. So when it comes to specifications or features matched up over the price value, desktops would often emerge the winner.

3. Easily upgradeable.

Without a doubt, you can easily upgrade the parts and accessories of a desktop PC. While you can also upgrade a laptop, oftentimes you are limited to OEM parts and there are not as many choices or alternatives. It is also usually more expensive to upgrade a laptop computer.

CONS – For Home Desktop Computers

1. Desktops are not convenient to move around.

This is the one great advantage that laptops have over desktop PCs. Especially since there are HP laptop computers, as well as other brands, that are currently in the market which is geared towards business users and have the computing power that most PC users need and want. You can carry a laptop in a backpack, in your car, or just place it in your office drawer and put it out whenever you need it.

2. Desktops are often not space savers.

A slim laptop, like an HP laptop computer, will always have the upper hand in terms of giving more space for the consumer. That is, more desk space. The laptop user can then have more space to move around and place other essential office and work equipment to help him or her get the job done.

3. There are more parts and accessories.

Not only does it mean more desk space to occupy, but it also means you have to maintain more stuff to keep your computer in top running condition. Although some people might see this as an advantage as well because, you would only have to replace one part if it breaks.

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