SEO AND PPC Solutions For Local Businesses

SEO and SEO solutions for local businesses is imperative since 30% of all internet searches are for local businesses. Those expensive phone book ads have been obsoleted because of the lightning fast growth of consumers using the internet to find local businesses and everything else that has to do with making their lives easier. On their home computer or the iphone people can get map to local eatery or make a purchase on Ebay or Craigslist. I have been speaking at local chamber of commerce meetings to local business owners and explaining how SEO and SEO in Chesterfield, VA businesses is a more efficient, effective, and affordable way to bring in more customers and increase sales.

The main difference of using SEO and SEO promotion is you can track the effectiveness, therefore allowing business owners to make informed “business” decisions on advertising expenses. There is no way to know how effective or ineffective those phone book ads are and if they actually bring in customers. Those half page and full page ads cost thousands per month and there is no way to measure how effective they are. Direct mail can target more specific areas but is expensive and when successful only accomplishes a 2% response rate. Again though, no way to track results.

SEO and SEO for Chesterfield county business owners I spoke to is something they know they need to know about, but they are just too busy trying to run their businesses in a tough economy at the time of this article.

A few business owners were bold enough to try to use pay per click marketing and all of them achieved dismal if any results. Also because they did not know what they were doing they did not track the exact results in sales and new customers that the online promotion created.

I advise all business owners when I speak at Chamber of Commerce events to seek out an experienced SEO and SEO small or large company. Get a proposal from these experienced firms that specialize in search engine optimization and pay per click marketing and hire them to get measurable results so they can concentrate on running the business. I also recommend they look for a month to month arrangement and not to lock into a long term contract. If the firm gets your business great results then you may consider a contract which usually offers discounted fees. Local business owners can usually save money and get more personal attention from a small SEO SEO marketing firm rather than the mega consulting firm that charges huge fees and always requires long term contracts.

Greg Taylor has created and managed several companies on the national and International level. The last 5 years Mr. Taylor has been mastering Internet marketing skills in SEO, PPC, Video marketing, Article marketing, and Social media marketing. is the SEO and PPC Solutions for Chesterfield local businesses

Greg Taylor only handles 10 total local only clients that he personally manages to help those businesses dominate the local Chesterfield market and he manages multiple income streams from his personal Internet marketing.