What to Think of When Buying a New Computer

You probably already have a computer at home, and since you are looking to buy a new one, the one you have now is 3-5 years old. Not much in human years, but a computer year is closer to dog years. Even though you want a new computer, you probably have a lot of files, photos, music etc on your old computer that you want to transfer to your new one. This is actually the first step in buying a new computer; make a backup of all files you want to save, and do not format your old computer until you are 100% sure you copied over all the files you want.

The big question when buying a new computer is simply, which one. There are literally 100s of different models to choose between. The all have confusing names and parts, like geforce, asus, x86, 64bit and so on. If you are looking to buy a computer you can use to go online, check mails and maybe use office, there is no reason to understand anything of the model names. Most likely, any computer in the price range 600-1000$ will do more than fine. Just make sure the computer you buy is bundled with Windows7 and Office for windows, as this will cost extra if they are not.

For those looking to buy not just a work station, but also a whole entertainment package, you will need a bit more technical info, and must expect a somewhat higher price range. A decent gaming computer is priced from around 1000$, sky is the limit. You will want a multithreaded cpu, a good graphics card and at least 4GB of ram. If this sounds like Greek to you, visit a computer store and ask question, a lot of question. Make sure the computer you buy fits your every need. Make sure everything you will need is included in the price. Do not decide to buy the first time you are in the store, get the specs for the computer they suggest, go online and search for a computer forum, and ask them if they agree that this is a good setup.

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