Need Affordable SEO Articles Or SEO Content Writers? How to Define the Limits

The community of SEO Content writers these days is a very dynamic one, not only for the kind of content written and the quality of the language but also the prices that are charged. An interesting fact is that there are SEO articles that are priced at anything between USD 2 to USD 75 per page. However the fun here is that both parties at the extreme ends find sufficient work because there are people willing to pay a high amount while there are others who work on bulk basis and can only afford a little part.

Now, the question comes how is such a big variation affordable for the webmasters, what is it that they actually pay for?

The very first thing that comes into the picture is the objective of the webmaster, if the aim is to get the SEO article just for distribution purposes and there are a lot of such articles, webmaster aptly should pay anything between USD 2 – USD 25 per 400 words articles. This is a big variation as well but there is a big difference in the articles as well. When purchasing USD 2 articles you can be sure that the level of expertise and knowledge is not the best, it is just a flipped out rewrite of an existing article and it has not been proof read either. Most of such work happens from providers in Phillipines, Pakistan etc. On an average a good company with reasonably written SEO articles can cost you nearly USD 7-10 per article.

The webmasters paying up to USD 25 per article are more focused on well written, well structured, grammatically correct, persuasive articles that would uphold their online brand image. While 10 USD 2 articles put together will drive 5 customers to your website, a single USD 25 article can do the same or more. It also depends on the niche that you are catering to.

Moving towards the upper side of the price range, USD 75 is a price that is kind of astronomical mostly cahrged by US, UK, Canadian writers. The content is good and in most cases these are highly experienced individuals or marketing companies Most of the times the SEO Content writers are paid so high for Press Releases or Sales Letter only. The reason being that these items are of high value to the web master and can create a strong image of the company.

If you are looking at a mixture of quality and economy, then try out providers from India or some professional companies in Phillipines, you can get good SEO content writers, generating SEO articles for you at somewhere between USD 5-USD 15 per article. If you are smart enough they might also include the article distribution in this price!

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