Three Tips to Fix a Slow Computer – Stop it Freezing and Make it Run Faster Than Ever

As you use your computer for a while, you will one day discover that it is running slower than usual. When you initially got your computer, it was very fast and error free. So how did your new computer turn into a very slow computer?

Even if you bought a high end PC then, there will really come a time where it will become slow. This is brought about by several reasons. But instead of buying a new computer, here is how to fix it.

1. Clean up your computer.

If you are currently dealing with a very slow computer, there is one easy and effective method you can do so that it can be speed up once again. You can simply clean and organize your hard drive. In order to do this task, the windows operating systems, including XP and Vista are equipped with some tools which can help you to fix a slow computer.

The tool is called disk cleanup and can be found in the system tools menu which is under your accessories. This cleans up temporary folders and files where most of your files can be erased from your computer.

Once this is done, it can make your PC faster by freeing some memory and disk space. Another tool you can use is the disk defragment. It is located in the system tools menu as well and it works by organizing the hard drive. This means that your folders and files are re-organized in your computer. By doing so, your hard drive is significantly being sped up since it has an easier time locating files.

2. Remove spyware.

While the above mentioned tools may not be sufficient to boost up the speed of your slow computer, another option you can do is to scan and remove the spyware and the viruses which are on your system and help fix a slow computer.

You can try protecting your PC by using security software programs. These will make your computer less corrupt and more safe. Since spyware programs not only consume the resources of your computer, they also steal important data and passwords on your computer.

3. Clean your windows registry.

Lastly, you can try fixing a slow computer by cleaning all of the errors which can be found in the registry of your computer. This is like a large database where your application, hardware and other settings are being stored. If there are any errors in it, it will lead to a slow boot up, freezing, and a slow internet speed.

By using registry cleaner programs, you can scan and fix the errors which are inside your registry. In return, your computer will perform just like new again. For many people, this is usually the most effective answer and the way to fix a slow computer.

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