Is Your Computer Running Very Slow? Here’s a Quick Fix Solution to Your Problems

We all know that nothing lasts in this world, and computers are no exception this rule. When your PC has been used for a little while, it begins to slow down. Just like any thing else, computers also degrade in performance. The computer begins to start very slow and loading up a single program takes longer time than usual. Even restarting your computer can take a long time and leave you with a computer running very slow.

Even when you do restart your PC the problem is still there. But, before you decide on buying a new computer or upgrade your current one, there is still hope for your computer. There is a solution and it will only take a few minutes of your time to do so and this can be solved.

Here are a few reminders on how to fix your slow computer.

1. By running your antivirus software and firewall, you assure yourself that malicious files and programs are not running around inside your computer. Make sure that your antivirus is running. Spyware and malware can switch off your antivirus.

To make matters worse there are now malware programs that can switch your firewall on and off so you do not even realise it has been disabled, unless you examine the log files for the firewall. The same applies to your anti-virus and this is why it is important to run a full system check and make sure your system is properly protected to stop your computer running very slow.

Spyware and malware have the tendency to steal your passwords and other information as well as slow your computer down and a good indication of this is that there is a sudden and dramatic slowing down in your computer.

2. Delete or remove any programs that you do not need or are out of date. Every program that is installed in your computer takes up memory until your memory is not able to cope and the computer freezes on you constantly.

When it does, a lot of message start to pop up warning you of errors and even more problems arise as well as slowing down your computer.

3. Run a free registry scan. The scan will search out any corrupt entries and programs that slow down your computer. This will also find entries for any malicious software that can threaten the security of your computer. You can also delete or remove these files instantly. This will improve your computers speed and stop your computer running very slow. It is that easy.

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