What Are the Benefits of Netbook Computers and Which is Best?

If you are wondering if a netbook computer is right for you then you should first understand the benefits of netbooks and then decide which one is best for you. You may have noticed that computer prices are still falling and some of the reasons for this is the rapid growth in popularity of the perfect ultraportable computer, the netbook.

This new design of computer are popular because they are small and inexpensive and they achieve this by being different that the standard portable computers, such as notebooks and laptops, that we have all got used to over recent years. Netbooks have been deliberately designed and built to be light, ultraportable and very affordable. This brings many benefits. The reduction in size and cost has come at the loss of some of the usual peripherals you would expect to see in notebooks, like a CD or DVD drive. But the related drop in price compensates for this.

Also due to the fact that so much has to be built in to such as small space they also lack some computing power when compared to traditional laptop computers. Look at this as an advantage as it enables their small design footprint to exist for true portability. These truly are ultraportable computers and over time as technology develops their power will increase as will their benefits.

Netbooks are the perfect mobile computing device for many of us because our needs are just not the same anymore. We have downsized what we need for a computer to connectivity to the Internet and everything that give us. For many people that is now enough and the cheaper cost makes it more accessible to the masses.

If you travel very often you will appreciate the portability and small size and if you are you a student you will appreciate the cost as being online is all you might need to keep up to date with friends and relatives and the rest of the world! Dropping a netbook in to a backpack is just so easy and you can take it wherever you go as it is very light and they get all the benefits of very useful ultra portable computer!

However, if you do actually need a computer for more advanced functions, such as photo or video editing and playing some of the top video games which require very high quality graphics, then you will find that a netbook will not be powerful enough for your needs. In general a netbook will not run as fast as more traditional computers and they definitely will not the types of graphic card you need for advanced video games. Buy what they do is done very well and for less powerful applications they are perfect.

Netbooks are ideal for anyone who wants to do a lot of mobile computing, and today and in the future that is likely to become all of us. These small computers let you write documents and reports, do spreadsheets, easily send and receive emails just like any other computer, and of course you can surf the web and go to Facebook, MySPace and Youtube and any other website you like.

But it is the affordability of these computers that has become the biggest benefit to user as it means many more people can now afford a computer, whereas before the high prices of tradition notebooks and laptops were just too expensive to even contemplate. For students and other young people this is a big deal and they can now get online portability at a great price, hence the popularity of these computers with the younger generation.

If you have already decided that a netbook is the right computer for you then you should go shopping online to get access to the greatest variety and the best deals. Initially do some research online for ultraportable computers to find out what might be best for your requirements. Look out for netbook deals on bestsellers as these will have already proved popular for a reason – people like them! This should give you a good indication of which ones are best. But at the end of the day it is the one that gives you the benefits you need at a price you like, which will be the best one for you!